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EN290: Schedule

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Introduction to the course, policies. Diagnostic analysis.


Formalisms; Bishop, “The Moose”


Martin Luther King Jr. Day – no class; Use print library resources or the Literature Resource Center to locate, copy/print, read, and bring in biographical information about Elizabeth Bishop.


Formalisms (re-read); Bishop, “The Moose” (re-read)


Formalisms; Annotation of “At the Fishhouses” Due


Structuralism; Bishop, “The Map” [snow--classes canceled]


Structuralism; Bishop, "The Map"; Essay 1 DRAFT Due


Post-Structuralism, Deconstruction, Postmodernism; Bishop, “Crusoe in England” ESSAY 1 DUE [NOTE SCHEDULE CHANGE!]


Post-Structuralism, Deconstruction, Postmodernism; re-read intro, "Crusoe in England," and analysis of "Crusoe in England" handed out in class. NOTE: I'll be asking for a revision of Essay 1--stay tuned for schedule updates!


Psychoanalysis; Annotation of a Bishop poem you haven't read from a Psychoanalytic perspective


Psychoanalysis; REVISED ESSAY 1 DUE 


Marxism and Cultural Materialism; Annotation of a Bishop poem from a Marxist perspective due 


Marxism and Cultural Materialism; Bishop, “A Miracle for Breakfast”  


Marxism and Cultural Materialism; ESSAY 2 DRAFT DUE: BRING 2 COPIES, AND I'LL NEED A VOLUNTEER! 


Final Essay Overview; Midterm Review; ESSAY 2 DUE


Midterm Exam


Spring Break – no class


Spring Break – no class


Gender Studies; Bishop, “Roosters.”


Gender Studies; Bishop, “In the Waiting Room."  Annotate this poem by identifying, throughout the poem, at least 5 observations Ryan makes and responding to his questions with your own analysis. Use direct quotes from Ryan, integrated into your annotations, and cited. You should paraphrase some of these. In your responses to these questions, I would like you to write in complete sentences, and re-use language from Bishop's poem (properly cited).

National Geographic


History;  Bishop, “Twelve O'Clock News." Bring in a 1-2 page response to the poem, in which you substantially address one of Ryan's questions or prompts at the end of his exercise on "Twelve O'Clock News." Think of this as a mini-essay, with a narrative shape to it, rather than a list of observations--this means you should have a coherent and complete response to the prompt you've selected. Think about how to open and close your response, as well as how to title it.   


Essay 3 Due (Gender studies or History--continue and revise into your own essay one of the previous responses. You should work on one of the two poems we've covered in the last week.


Ethnic Studies; Post-Colonial Studies, Global English Studies; Bishop, “Brazil, January 1, 1502." Bring in a 1-2 page response to the poem, in which you address some of Ryan's points--you should think of this as a mini-essay, with a narrative shape to it, rather than a list of observations. You will therefore need to select one or two related questions to focus on. Consider, as well, how you will open, close, and title your response!


Browse WRLC holdings, MLAB for four scholarly resources on Bishop useful for your potential research analysis project from one of the perspectives we've studied. Try to find a book and three journal articles, or four journal articles. As you research, make notes about what you do (search terms, how you revise the terms or learn from previous searches, how you browse through subject headings, whether you could find hard/electronic copies, and so on) and any difficulties you experienced. Come prepared to discuss. Bring an MLA formatted bibliography of your two resources. BRING LAPTOPS TO CLASS!


Proposal Draft for Final Essay Due with Tentative Bibliography; Ethnic Studies, Post-Colonial Studies, Global Studies


Conferences; annotation of your poem(s) due for central identification and analysis of themes; revised proposal. Be sure to come prepared with any particular questions you have--this is time for you to bounce ideas off me, not for me to tell you what to think! 


Annotated Bibliography Due; Source Presentation: bring in copies of your annotated bibliography for each person in the class, and bring your sources, as well. I will expect you to share your sources, what you learned from them, and how they will help you make or define your argument. You will have no more than 10 minutes to share your materials, so be sure to focus! In-class freewrite on your theme.


Research Essay Draft Due (Two Copies, 6-8 pages--this can be cut later, if necessary)


Globally Revised Research Essay Draft Due (Two Copies, 6-8 pages--this can be cut later, if necessary). Note that "global revision" does not refer to details of style and technique, but larger issues of thesis, organization, and evidence. Come prepared to describe what you've changed and why.


Final Essay Due 2:00pp (Grading rubric) Presentations: I will ask you to prepare either a powerpoint, a Prezi, or an activity to share with the class in which you get your peers to understand your argument and your "so what" point. You will have no more than 10 minutes for your presentation. REMEMBER: FINAL ESSAY IS DUE VIA TURNITIN (class ID: 3919724)


Easter Observance – no class


Final Exam 3-5:30 pm

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