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Portfolio: EN-IS240 FA11

Page history last edited by Tonya Howe 11 years, 11 months ago

This term, you'll be posting your work to an online portfolio using the Google sites application. I've created a sample student portfolio here, which you should use as a model; I encourage you to use this space to craft your public persona, maintain your best work, and grow your resume. In the future, it can serve as a job-hunting tool, something you might show future employers! Here's a handout on how to create a site from the template I've provided.


In the portfolio, you should have at least 1 main page (for this class), three main subpages (for the final project, the responses, and the semiotic analysis), and then three revised responses under that subpage. On each main page, be sure you reflect about your experiences as they relate to the topic at hand. For the revised responses main subpage, I'm asking you to reflect on your revision processes, as shown on the model, and for the final project, I'm also asking you to post your self-assessment. Unless you want your work to be visible to the world, please remember to make your Google site only visible to the Marymount community. I'll show you how to put your portfolio together, but I encourage you to play on your own and to ask questions when you need to!


You'll turn in three sets of things to me:

  1. A link to your final portfolio (this should be copied/pasted onto your final project self-assessment, which will be turned in to me, as well),
  2. hard copies of all your revisions, and
  3. hard copies of your original work with my comments

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