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EN203: Team Presentation

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For this team presentation, you'll be working in pairs to introduce an assigned reading to your peers. You will have 15-20 minutes to work with, though your presentation can't be any briefer than 10 minutes! You should work with the materials assigned in class, though if you would like to use a scholarly article, you may. I encourage you to relate the material to the introductory resources on the Renaissance, vernacular literature, the Enlightenment, and so on.


Format: You may conduct this presentation in any way you like! Create a prezi or a powerpoint, use a handout, assign a reading quiz, have students discuss a topic--it's your choice. I will be grading for effective use of whatever formula you choose to use, as well as the accuracy of your presentation given the materials we've read.


Class rubric:


  • What do you remember from this presentation? Note as many things as you can!
  • Based on your reading of the same material, do you think this presentation was very accurate, somewhat accurate, or could it use some work?
  • How would you describe the format of the presentation? Did you think the format chosen was engaging and useful for the assignment? Very, somewhat, could use some work?
  • Based on your reading of the same material, what would you like to have heard more about?


Presentation Dates/Topics

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