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Responses: EN-IS240 FA11

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This term, I'm asking you to write a series of responses to the assigned materials, principally the Ryan readings (however, you may work with additional secondary resources--like the Berger we're reading early in the term) if you are strongly moved to do so. Each response should be between 2 and 3 pages long, with an additional works cited page--everything should be in MLA form (from the look of the response on the page to the title, to the header, to the spacing and pagination), and don't forget to add the honor pledge! Your style should be relatively informal--not "academic speak"--but do revise and proofread.


You'll have three options for your response--choose the response that you feel will be most interesting and/or helpful for you, depending on your sense of the reading and your goals for other coursework.


  1. Summarize the reading, being sure to note important concepts and key terms--but remember, you'll have to condense a lot of material into a short space!
  2. Take a key example Ryan uses, give us a sense of what he's doing with it/how he's reading it, and then expand on it in a similar vein--you might need to browse the web, watch a movie, and so on in order to expand effectively on the example he uses
  3. Take a key idea or concept that Ryan explores, and apply it to a cultural text in your own experience. This could be a material practice of culture that you routinely participate in with your family, an advertisement you saw on the bus, the way people were behaving in Starbucks--anything can be a text, as long as it can be read! Don't forget that you'll need to explain the concept or idea you're working with first.



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