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EN203: Summary for plot and theme (Moliere, FA11)

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Summaries can be among the most difficult forms of writing to perfect--most of us want to start at the beginning, touching on everything, just condensing it, all the way until the end. Usually, these kinds of summaries end up being almost as long as the text itself! And, they don't offer any useful approach to the material. A good summary should highlight the main point and important supporting details.


For this assignment, I would like you to, in no more than 2 pages (double spaced, MLA, etc.), craft a summary of Tartuffe that is organized through what you see as the play's most important theme or topic.  I should get the sense, from your summary, that you know what happened in the play and how those events fold into a larger theme. Please include a few really significant, small quotes from the text, and have fun!

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