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502: Discussion Leadership and Participation

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This term, each student will be responsible for leading discussion about one theoretical approach studied in class--this is meant to encourage full-class discussion, and to exercise our seminar chops.


In your presentation, you should give us an overview of the approach in a historical or a critical context. If you were presenting on Rhetoric and Reader Response, for instance, you might prepare some thoughts clarifying what the approach is concerned with, describing how it's been influenced by other approaches, giving some basic information on key players or theorists in the debate, and assessing its importance for the study of literature. This overview should take between 20-30 minutes, maximum, but I will look to you to keep our conversation on track throughout the period.


Additionally, you should craft two good discussion questions--one, which is meant to get us into a key theoretical text of your choice from among those assigned, and the second, meant to help us engage Bishop or Highsmith. These questions should look a lot like the research questions you learned about in EN501--they should avoid the yes or no binary, and they should be worded in such a way as to both give your audience some direction and provoke further thought or discussion.


Finally, I will expect a handout with your questions, plus the most useful information--this could be direct quotes!--relevant for your overview. Your handout should be one page in length only, and it should look professional. Be sure to include your name and a title for your presentation!


Post this material to your blog in lieu of the primary blog post for the week--so, please have it posted by Friday at 8:00pm.

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